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Morgan Newman is the Vice President and General Manager of Richard Lee’s East-West Kung-Fu Schools and is a 4th Degree Black Belt and Three-Time TWKSF World Champion (2009-Germany, 2006-Singapore, and 2003-Brazil).

Morgan Newman Biography

Morgan, a 4th degree black belt, introduces
Bok Fu Do -- the System of the White Tiger.

The physical benefits of Bok Fu Do are immediately apparent and encouraging. Improved balance and coordination increase stability and reflexes. Increased flexibility promotes fluid movement of the body and decreases the natural stiffness that accompanies aging. Overall stamina and breath control are realized through the total body dynamics that are unique to this type of training.

Bok Fu Do is an incredible muscle toning activity and provides an unbeatable cardiovascular workout for shedding calories in a quick and enjoyable way. Power, speed, and precision as well as an acute sense of timing are natural results gained through the process of Bok Fu Do. These are just a handful of the many positive benefits an individual gains from Bok Fu Do and are attributes that will spill over into all forms of physical activity in everyday life.

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